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A new organ, a wedding at Clowance and a much-loved mother

More than a century after her death, Caroline Molesworth St. Aubynhas left her imprint all over Crowan Church.
Every visitor will immediately see her legacy – the gifts that both she and her children made. But few visitors will have any idea of the story behind them, the benefactress and her generosity.
In the late 19th century, she was the Lady of the Manor at nearby Clowance, the wife of the Rev. St. Aubyn Hender Molesworth St. Aubyn.
She was born 400 miles north in the coal-mining parish of Ledsham, Yorkshire in 1837, the third daughter of the Rev. Charles Wheler[1] and her family had a significant stately home – Ledston Hall.
It was in Yorkshire that the young St. Aubyn would have got to know the Wheler family and Caroline. He became curate at Ledsham in 1858.
He returned back home to Cornwall and Budock in 1860 but marriage was on the cards.
The family travelled back north to Yorkshire for the wedding on 3 June 1862.
St. Aubyn’s brother-in-law, the Rev. James Gee Wulff, Rector o…

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