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Esther Williams, her gifts and Praze Institute

Truly wonderful to see this photograph of Esther Williams, carefully preserved at the village Institute in Praze, near Camborne. As the plaque explains, Mrs Williams  - whose family came from the parish of Crowan - gave generously for the restoration of the then Men's Institute in 1931. This was the year before she died.Widowed a few years earlier and having lost her only daughter (Annie), Mrs Williams lived alone in Treveor House in Camborne (now an Abbeyfield Home). In her final years, she gave generously to local bodies and in particular to local churches.  At Crowan she donated a window in memory of her father, William.

This photo shows her much earlier in life. She looks a powerful and attractive character, sitting confidently for the camera, her fingers crammed with rings. 
Her grave is at Penponds Church, where she generously gave carved bench ends in memory of her  late husband, Albert, and her daughter Annie.Very many thanks to Dave and Anne Smith for opening up the Institu…

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